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Welcome to 
Puckett Elementary!
 PES Motto

Mission Statement


The mission of the Rankin County School District and Puckett Elementary is to prepare every student with the

cognitive and social skills necessary to be productive members of an ever-changing global society.

Our Core Values


*We value parents and the community as participants in the overall educational development of all students.

*We value individual student achievement that prepares he or she for global success.

*We value an environment that is safe and productive.

*We value using data to drive decisions.

*We value continous personal growth through cutting edge professional development.

*We value technology mastery through continuous use and development.

*We value relationships based upon mutual respect of diversity.

Parent information about state testing this year
(read about it below and watch the video). 
There are many changes in state testing this year for our 3rd - 6th graders. First, we want our parents to know that the MCT3 (PARCC State Assessment) will be given in two parts, with an earlier testing date than what students and parents are used to having. 
Part 1 (the PBA or Performance Based Assessment of PARCC) will be given in March to see how students are progressing toward proficiency before the end of the school year. Part 1 will measure students' progress toward mastery of ELA and Math standards. Part 1 will be given over the course of 5 days in March, with each day’s part lasting between one hour and an hour and a half (at most). 
Part 2 of the PARCC Assessment (the EOY or End of Year PARCC Assessment) will measure ELA and Math standards mastery in May.  
When we combine the Part 1 and Part 2 PARCC (MCT3) testing dates, our students will have a total of 8 days of state testing in grades 3-5 and 9 days of state testing in grade 6. The first 5 state testing dates will be in March, and the last 3 or 4 will be in May. 
Our 3rd graders will also have to take a separate test that is known as the "Literacy Gate" because it determines if 3rd graders are promoted to 4th grade. This is the first year for 3rd graders to take this test. This test will be given April 14th and 15th. Students will have an additional time in May and July to take the test, if needed. Our students have taken the STAR assessment twice this year to become familiar with the formatting of the GATE Assessment. They have been working hard becoming better readers by reading and by learning and applying reading strategies. Our goal is to have all our Puckett Elem. 3rd graders ready to ROCK this TEST!
Our 5th graders will take an additional subject area test, the MS Science Test. Puckett Elementary 5th grade students have shown 91% proficient or advanced ratings the past two years on this MS Science Test. We are confident this year’s 5th graders will meet or exceed this goal. 
Our kindergarteners will take MDE's Literacy Readiness test this spring. They have already taken the this test in the fall, as well as the STAR assessment twice this year to become familiar with the formatting. They have been working hard to master kindergarten standards so they, like our older students can show what they know on their big testing day. 
All state testing will be online. Because of the online formatting, students have access to many tools to help them on the assessments. They have been practicing how to use these tools. We believe online testing is an advantage for our students because of all these tools they have at their disposal. 
Please watch the 5 minute linked video that gives helpful facts about state testing at PES this spring (dates for each grade and test are included). This is a lot of information about a lot of changes. We want our parents to be informed! Please call if you have any questions. 
Revised Testing Dates
 Revised Testing Dates
The PARCC practice tests for grade levels in ELA and Math can be found online at:


Make sure to select the PBA for Part 1 (given in March) or EOY for Part 2 (given in May).

Arrival & Dismissal Times
Student Arrival Time Begins
7:10 a.m.
Tardy Bell Rings
 7:30 a.m.
Student Dismissal Time
2:40 p.m.
(On Wednesdays, students will dismiss at 2:20 p.m. to help promote Professional Learning Communities within our faculty.)
AFTER 2:00 P.M. 
Please help us with this issue as your child's safety is our utmost importance.