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    HIGH SCHOOL ART SYLLABUS 2016-2017  COURSE DESCRIPTION Brandon High School’s Arts program offers students comprehensive art experiences with detailed explorations in the classics such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and crafts. In addition to gaining confidence and proficiency working with a variety of mediums, students will learn about the history, analysis, and interpretation of art. GOALS OF VISUAL ARTS EDUCATION Art in school is both a body of knowledge and a series of activities. Fundamentally, learning in art has four major components. The goal of art education is the development of these areas: *by making art (art production); *by responding to and making judgments about the properties and qualities that exist in visual forms (art criticism); *by acquiring knowledge about the contributions artists and art make to culture and society (art history); *by understanding the nature, meaning, and value of art (aesthetics).  CLASS GUIDELINES FOR SUCCESS In addition to the school-wide discipline procedures, a set of class guidelines for success and consequences has been established and will be maintained. The following is a list of the class guidelines for success and consequences for art: Class Guidelines for Success: 1. Be prepared for class –  sketchbook, pencils, etc. to class everyday! 2. Be to class on time. 3. Listen to and follow directions – ask questions. 4. Respect the people, equipment and furnishings in the art room. Get permission to use other’s materials. 5. Use all tools safely and properly. 6. Be honest and accountable for your actions. 7. Use your time wisely – stay on task and work towards project and assignment objectives. 8. Work quietly – use appropriate language and have appropriate conversations. 9. Be responsible for work area and tools – clean up after yourself! 10. Have a positive attitude – you CAN do it! If you CHOOSE not to follow the guidelines:  Step 1 – verbal warning and documentation Step 2 – student/teacher conference about choice or behavior that is disruptive, inappropriate, or unacceptable and documentation Step 3 – Morning detention, parent notification, and documentation Step 4 – serious offense resulting in possible in-school or out-of-school suspension  Phones may be used for the following purposes:  Research Quite music with earphones that can not be heard by other classmates ***Phones will not be used for any other reason! If a phone is seen while I am teaching or if ANY pictures are taken without permission your device will be confiscated on sight. NO EXCEPTIONS no warnings! Make-up Work IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CONTACT ME WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT OR MISS A CLASS.You will be held accountable for all assignments, even if you are absent. You should come the next class period (AFTER the class has began the assignment for the day) and ask for your assignments. If there is an excused absence you will be allowed to make up your work. You will receive however many days you missed plus one.  If you are out for an extensive period of time, please contact me and we will work out your assignments.     RE-DOING ASSIGNMENTS: If for any reason you are not satisfied with the grade you receive on your assignments you have the option to do the assignment over and turn in a different one. It I feel that the quality and the content is better than the first, I will be happy to give you a better grade. There are 2 requirements you must meet:             1.  You have 5 school days in which to re-submit your work from the day it was originally due -(except the last assignment at the end of the semester.)                     2.  You must submit your original assignment along with the one you have re-done in order for you to receive a better grade. AN “A” STUDENT: An “A” student is in attendance every day, is on time to class, does his/her best at every assignment, completes all portions of the assignments, follows directions, and turns in assignments on time.  THEFT:  Taking someone else’s artwork will not be tolerated; will be dealt with as a discipline problem.  You will be reported to your respective Administrator for him/her to handle the situation; if need be, the campus Officer.                                                                                                                                Don’t touch other student’s work!  MATERIAL REQUIREMENTS 1 sketchbook – 9” x 12” spiral bound ***There is a $5.00 supply fee for every art class due ASAP to cover supply expenses for your projects. Every student should also bring 1 roll of paper towels.