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2021-2022 Extenuating Student Health Condition Learning Guidelines

Extenuating Student Health Condition (ESHC) Learning is a year-long program intended for students diagnosed with a rare and serious extenuating health condition which prevents normal school attendance. Students enrolled in ESHC Learning may participate in school sponsored extracurricular activities where virtual participation is feasible. ESHC Learners may not participate in non-academic activities such as field trips. If the student’s medical condition improves allowing the student to return to school, a medical clearance form must be submitted to  If approved, the student must commit for the entire school year and will not be allowed to transition back during the school year.

Application Process

Complete, scan, and email the signed forms (Form A, Form B, and Form C) to no later than July 30, 2021. Forms may be found below. 

Notification of the student’s placement status will be sent to the parent’s email provided on the application no later than August 4, 2021.

Program Overview

  • Extenuating Student Health Condition (ESHC) Learning will follow the Rankin County School District’s academic year calendar.
  • All policies in the RCSD Student Handbook will apply to ESHC Learners.
  • Core courses - English, math, science, and social studies will be offered; however, not all electives may be available.
  • Participation in Extenuating Student Health Condition (ESHC) Learning may hinder earning credits and/or delay graduation.
  • All diploma requirements must be met for students to graduate.
  • All grading, promotion, and attendance requirements must be met according to RCSD policy.
  • Students must take benchmarks, screeners, and state assessments on campus. (Parent must provide transportation.)
  • Students may be required to take teacher summatives on the school campus. (Parent must provide transportation.)

Delivery of Instruction

  • Instruction will align with Rankin County School District’s standards.
  • Instruction will be provided by Rankin County School District teachers.
  • Instructional content will be provided via the RCSD Learning Management System which will include live instruction.
  • Class assignments and homework will be submitted electronically. Paper packets will not be offered.

Support from Parent / Guardian

  • Complete RCSD documentation required prior to the district level committee review of the request, meet the defined criteria, and be accepted to participate in the planned ESHC Learning;
  • Comply with the District’s student code of conduct and discipline policies;
  • Maintain attendance at all classes outside of any excused absences;
  • Complete assignments as given by their teachers;
  • Have access to a reliable, high-speed internet connection 
  • Abide by any other responsibilities approved by the Board or the Superintendent;
  • Participate in benchmarks, screeners and the required statewide end-of-course assessments on campus (Parent must provide transportation);
  • Attend virtual learning as required for in-person classes;
  • Be physically present on campus, if a course requires an ESHC student to be on campus (e.g., to give a speech or to present a project) in order to meet that requirement (Parent must provide transportation);
  • Use a district issued device in order to complete school work. Only school related activities shall be performed during school hours. Any use of district issued devices shall be in conformity with district policy.
  • Participate in routine parent/teacher conferences as needed or requested