Benchmark Testing

Benchmark Q & A   2019-2020


  • September 23-October 9
  • December 2-December 13 (Elementary) December 9-20 (Middle/High School)
  • February 24-March 6 (Elementary) March 16-March 27(Middle/High School)


Q: What testing companies will be used?

A: Grades 3-8 ELA/Math, English I & II, and Algebra I,

    5th & 8th Science, US History, and Biology I:

    Certica / TE 21

    Site: Encase Platform through Clever

Q: Will benchmark testing be online or paper and pencil?

A:  Testing will take place online with the exclusion of selected schools and students with accommodations that allow alternative forms of testing. 

Q: Is there a lockdown browser used for benchmark assessments?

A: Testing on MacBooks: There is not a lockdown browser for the benchmark assessments. Teachers are encouraged to monitor students during testing by walking around to ensure students are on the assessment screen. 

Testing on Chromebooks: Students testing on a Chromebook can utilize the ENCASE Kiosk Mode that has been pushed by the district to all ENCASE tests. 

Q: Where do students login to take the assessments?

A:  Clever

Q: Will these tests have different sections?

A: Benchmark assessments have ELA & Writing Section and Math

Q: Will benchmark assessments have a time limit?

A: Benchmarks are not timed. We would suggest approximately 60-90 minutes for testing. For our 4x4 schools taking the comprehensive benchmark – the test could take 90+ minutes since there are more questions. This can be broken down into two test administrations if needed.

Q: Will students use calculators on the math benchmark assessment?

A: Follow the MDE policy for calculator use – Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) Calculator Policy (attached)

Q: Will the district give each school dates for testing?

A: Schools can choose the dates and times they give the benchmark assessments within the window 

Other notes:

**This is not a secure testing situation. Schools will not have to turn in test security documents or have proctors, hall monitors, etc.

**Paper and pencil benchmarks can be provided for students needing that accommodation (must be in their IEP or 504 plan).

**For visually impaired students – documents will be provided to show you how to enlarge the font and info on the computer screen or print.

MAAP Calculator Policy 

Guidance for read-alouds and calculator