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Benchmark Testing

Benchmark Q & A   2021-2022


A. Elementary:  

     September 27-October 6

     November 29-December 8

     February 23-March 4

Middle/High School:

     December 6-December 22

     February 28-March 25


Q: What testing companies will be used?

A: Grades 3-8 ELA/Math, English I & II, and Algebra I,

    5th & 8th Science, US History, and Biology I:

    Instructure / TE 21

    Site: Encase Platform through Clever


Q: Will benchmark testing be online or paper and pencil?

A:  Testing will take place online with the exclusion of selected schools and students with accommodations that allow alternative forms of testing. 


Q: Is there a lockdown browser used for benchmark assessments?

A: Testing on MacBooks: Yes the EnCase platform offers a lockdown browser

Testing on Chromebooks: Rankin County School District has enabled Kiosk mode for Encase testing.  This will take students directly to the Encase platform.  The Encase benchmark can also be accessed via Chrome after students have logged in.


Q: Where do students login to take the assessments?

A:  Clever


Q: Will these tests have different sections?

A: Benchmark assessments have a ELA & Writing Section and Math


Q: Will benchmark assessments have a time limit?

A: Benchmarks are not timed. We would suggest approximately 60-90 minutes for testing. For our 4x4 schools taking the comprehensive benchmark – the test could take 90+ minutes since there are more questions. This can be broken down into two test administrations if needed.


Q: Will students use calculators on the math benchmark assessment?

A: Follow the MDE policy for calculator use – Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) Calculator Policy


Q: Will the district give each school dates for testing?

A: Schools can choose the dates and times they give the benchmark assessments within the window 

Other notes:

**This is not a secure testing situation. Schools will not have to turn in test security documents or have proctors, hall monitors, etc.

**Paper and pencil benchmarks can be provided for students needing that accommodation (must be in their IEP or 504 plan).

**For visually impaired students – documents will be provided to show you how to enlarge the font and info on the computer screen or print.