Mississippi Assessments

Mississippi Statewide Assessments

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Type of Administration


Mississippi Academic Assessment Program


Grades 3-8, & ALG I and ENG II, USH, BIO

Online: Questar/Data Recognition Corporation


Assesses all students in grades 3-8 in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Algebra, English II , US History, Biology (Graduation Requirements)

Mississippi Academic Assessment Program

5th & 8th grade Science

Online:  Data Recognition Corporation

Testing Platform: DRC Portal

Assesses students in grades 5 and 8 in the area of science.

Mississippi Alternate Assessment of Extended Curriculum Frameworks (MAAECF)

Grades 3-8 & Grade 12

Paper/Pencil : Computer

Serves as an alternate assessment of the MAAP tests  for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT)


Online:  CTB LASlinks Assessment System

This assessment is given annually to monitor English learners' progress in acquiring Academic English

Mississippi K-3 Assessment Support System (MKAS 2) Screener Assessment,  K-Readiness Assessment & 3rd Grade Reading Summative Assessment


Online:  mkas.renlearn.com

Screener:  Provides a critical look at students strengths and needs/K-Readiness give a parent and teacher a understanding of what children are able to do upon entering school/3rd grade reading summative will determine minimum level of competency in reading.

ACT State Testing 

Students that are classified as Juniors

Paper and Pencil

College readiness assessment

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