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Adult Education & GED

Enrollment for Classes

Our Next Scheduled Enrollment:
GED Enrollment & Orientation - May 29th & 30th***
Students must be present on both May 29th & May 30th
from 8:00am until 12:00 pm to be enrolled in our program.

 After the May enrollment & orientation, we will hold additional enrollments in June/July.
Please call 601-825-5040 if you have any questions regarding enrollment. 

ESL Enrollment - email ESL@rcsd.ms to schedule

Enrollment informatioN
New Student Information Page
Enrollment & Orientation begins at 8:00 am and
no one will be admitted after 8:15 am.

Please read the information below before attending.

All NEW students MUST attend an enrollment and orientation. Students will need to be at enrollment AND orientation when they begin, will need to have a picture ID, and if they are under 18 years of age they will need to have proof of withdrawal from their last school.

(Enrollment time varies due to time it takes individuals to test, usually lasting for 3 to 4 hours)

Enrollment requires the student to complete registration paperwork and take an assessment test. The second day of enrollment is an orientation day when students will receive test results and learn how to navigate our classes and resources.

For more information or questions, please call 601-825-5040
or email Adult.Education@rcsd.ms


Adult Education / High School Equivalency

Free Adult Education / High School Equivalency classes (GED classes) are offered throughout the county to anyone 16 years and older and not enrolled in any K-12 school. 

The purpose of these classes is to raise basic educational skills and prepare student to be successful with passing a High School Equivalency test.

To attend class students must attend an enrollment/orientation.

Most people equate adult education with the GED. Mississippi now recognizes 2 test  provider options for High School Equivalency: GED and  HiSET. They are both accredited and approved.

A student that successfully completes EITHER of these tests will earn a Mississippi High School Equivalency Diploma.

Many businesses and job applications ask about High School Diploma or GED, but HiSET should also be accepted. They are BOTH High School Equivalencies.

Credentials and transcripts are available to graduates through www.diplomasender.com or by calling (855) 876-3774.


Driver's License Forms

In order to receive a Driver’s License Form from Rankin County Adult Education, a student must be enrolled and making satisfactory progress in a course leading to a High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma (GED or HiSET) and is eligible to make application for a motor vehicle driver license.


We require a student to be enrolled in our program for 45 hours (including in person and online learning), but in order to be deemed ‘making satisfactory progress’ the student’s scores will be evaluated. Upon entry into our program students are Pre-Tested in Reading, Math, and Language and after 40 hours of instruction they will be Post-Tested in either Reading, Math, or Language to determine if the student is making academic progress.


We know that a driver’s license is important to students, but so is earning an HSE. We hope that these 45 hours (just 2 weeks of day classes not including any online work) a student can get a jumpstart towards passing their HSE. We understand that having to wait to get the form is frustrating, but it’s an unforeseen consequence when withdrawing from school. We will gladly work with you to complete what’s needed to receive the form. Once requirements are met, know that it may take up to 7 days to process the request.