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District Maintenance

Rankin County School District is comprised of 3.2 million square feet of space.

We face the growing challenge of maintaining our buildings to a level that enables our Teachers to meet the needs of Students. Facility issues can hinder the learning experience at all educational levels from our Kindergarteners to our seniors who are ready for graduation.  Because maintenance demands are bound to happen in new facilities as well as old, an active facility maintenance program is a critical component for our buildings. Facilities maintenance is concerned about more than just resource management. It is about providing clean and safe environments for our Children and the physical setting that is appropriate and adequate for learning.

A sound facilities maintenance program helps to ensure school facilities are, and will be, cared for appropriately. Overlooked or ignored facilities maintenance planning can result in real problems. It can bring forth large capital expenses, down time and disruption in the classroom.

Failure to maintain school facilities adequately also discourages future investment from our communities and supporters of RSCD.


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