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Career Cruising

Career Cruising is an interactive career exploration and planning tool students will use to create a college and career portfolio. The program can be used at school, home, or anywhere the student has Internet access.

Students will complete career interest inventories, ability profiles, and learning styles inventories, which will guide
them in exploration of multiple career pathways.

Parents and counselors can view the student’s portfolio and assist the student in developing an educational plan relevant to the student’s career choice.

Student portfolio’s will contain historical courses, grades, and test scores so that students can reflect on their academic and personal achievements as they explore career pathways and plan for the future.

Career Cruising will be used in the spring to assist students in completing course requests for the next school year.

Career Cruising provides multiple resources to students including employment guides, post secondary career options, financial aid information, scholarship information, and employment tools such as job search tools, and resume writing.

Career Cruising Graphic