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2022 Bullying Awareness Poster / Poetry Contest

Poster/ poetry must include a theme or slogan, which is reflected in the artwork.  Below are some topic ideas:

●      Physical Bullying (pushing, shoving, hitting, threats, vandalism, theft, etc.)

●      Emotional Bullying (name calling, insults, teasing, etc.)

●      Social Bullying (gossiping, teasing about appearance, exclusion, public humiliation, etc.)

●      Cyber- Bullying (texting/messaging threats, defamatory web posts, derogatory emails, etc.)

●      Positive Friendships

●      Peer Pressure

●      Peer Conflict

Eligibility & DivisionsAll students attending any Rankin County School District school. Posters/ poetry will be judged in the following separate divisions:       

●      Category 1:  Pre-K through 2nd (poster only)

●      Category 2: 3rd – 5th (poster only)

●      Category 3:  6th – 8th (poster & poetry)

●      Category 4:  High School (poster & poetry)

Size & Paper Specifications:  All Posters should be on either 8x10 or 11x17 paper. Lightweight paper should be mounted on tag board or self-supporting.

Art Media Criteria:  Crayons, cut paper, felt-tip pens, markers, pencils, pen & ink, photos, etc. may be used to create a poster.  Wood, plastic, glass, metal, fabric and felt should NOT be part of the poster.  Collage materials such as stencils, stickers, tracings, etc. may only be used by entrants in Category 1.  POSTERS MUST BE FLAT FOR PRINTSHOP REPRODUCTION PURPOSES.

Poetry Criteria (Middle & High School ONLY): A poem in its entirety must be an original work by the person entering the contest. Poems must be typed in black ink & a minimum of 12 pt. font. Poems should be no longer than one page in length & should be rhyme or free verse.

Identification:  Your name, grade level, school, & teacher should appear on a separate piece of paper attached to the back of the poster.

Copyright:  Your poster CANNOT include any copyrighted characters, such as those from comics, cartoons, television programs, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Judging Criteria:  Judges will look for a relationship of the poster design to a theme, originality of the poster, quality of the artwork, visual impact of the poster design and suitability of poster for printing.

Winners:  3 winning posters/poetry will be selected from each category (1st, 2nd, 3rd).  The winning posters will be printed and reproduced for distribution in all school district-wide. Additionally, the following monetary prizes will be awarded:

                                                                                    1st Place:  $100

                                                                                    2nd Place: $50

                                                                                    3rd Place: $25

DEADLINE:  Posters & poetry are due to school counselors by October 28, 2022.  Each school will submit 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for district competition. Please bring winning artwork to RCSD Student Support Services Training Center by Nov. 4, 2022.