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College, Scholarship, & Financial Aid

In order to be accepted at competitive colleges you need:

  • A strong Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Strong SAT or ACT scores
  • To take challenging courses such as PreAP and AP 
  • A demonstrated, well rounded student experience; such as, participation in athletics, clubs, and other student organizations
  • Job and volunteer experience in the community is a definite plus
  • Leadership roles, large or small
  • Good essay writing skills 

Getting Started:

  • Find out what the college you want to attend requires for high school courses to be accepted into their program.
  • Consult with your counselor to be sure you are taking all the courses you need, not only to graduate, but to be accepted into your selected college.
  • Prepare for the college entrance exams and take them early in case you need to re-take to make higher scores.
  • Organize your college selection materials, college entrance exams, and essay writing materials. Refer to them often checking dates for scholarships, financial assistance, registration, and admission deadlines.

College Planning Tools  

Get2College Center

Collage Board/Big Future 


College Search Engines

MS Four Year Universities  

MS Junior and Community Colleges

Campus Tours


College Board College Search

Peterson’s Guide to Colleges

College Atlas University and College Search 

College Source Online - Features over 10,000 college catalogs

Two Year Colleges 

Historically Black Colleges 

Black Excel - College and Scholarship Information for African American students 

Art Institutes - A website dedicated to matching students interested in Arts in college 

Landmark College- This college is specifically designed to help students with Learning Disabilities and ADHD gain their associate degree and the tools necessary to advance their education to a four year university. 

My - A website dedicated to helping students find the right major for their interests. 

My College Options 

Schools in the USA 

College Rankings

Princeton Review


U. S. News College Rankings