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Gifted Education / Venture

A Program for Intellectually Gifted Students

The VENTURE program at Rankin County School District addresses the unique talents of intellectually gifted students in second through sixth grades in all eight attendance zones: Brandon, Florence, McLaurin, Northwest, Pelahatchie, Pisgah, Puckett and Richland. The mission of the Venture Program is to provide optimal opportunities for gifted students to realize their maximum potential. Instruction in the Venture Program is enrichment based and has an extensive instructional management plan and covers four broad instructional areas: thinking skills, creativity, personal development and research. Students are also challenged to use technology, writing for a purpose, civic responsibility and reflection about their own actions and learning. Venture teachers use many different instructional strategies such as workshops, independent study, problem-solving exercises, mentorships, small group projects, brainstorming and using technology.

Students in the Venture Program meet goals through participation through:

  • Development of leadership and decision making skills.
  • Inclination to ask and answer challenging questions.
  • Using alternative routes to solve problems through the use of imagination.
  • Expansion of specific strengths and interests.
  • Verbal, written and dramatic expression.
  • Implementation of effective study and research skills.
  • Appreciation of different thoughts, environments and cultures.
  • Developing a sense of responsibility toward the betterment of society.


To unleash the possibilities within each individual so their venture into society has positive impact.

To find out more about Venture, contact Laura Anne Marshall, Student Support Services Specialist at 601.824.9159. All 1st and 2nd grade students are screened for the gifted education program.  Students in 3rd–7th grades can be referred by anyone for screening for our program.

Click here to download the printable Venture PDF brochure.

Click here to download PDF "Regulations for Gifted Education Programs 2013" from MS Dept. Ed.

Click here to access the MS Department of Education's Gifted Education website