Mental Health Focus of the Month

September 2019 - Suicide Prevention

icon of one person comforting another.

Suicide / Mental Illness

Depression is the leading cause of suicide in teenagers. 

  • About 6 percent of teenagers will develop depression yearly. Sadly, more than 80 percent of those kids will not have their illness properly diagnosed or treated, which can also lead to school absenteeism, failing grades, dropouts, crimes, and drug and alcohol abuse. 
  • Depression is among the most treatable of all mood disorders. More than three fourths of people with depression respond positively to treatment. 
  • The best way to prevent suicide is through early detection, diagnosis, and vigorous treatment of depression and other mental disorders, including addictions. 


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JASON Foundation 

The JASON Foundation is dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide through educational and awareness programs.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 


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The Mississippi Department of Mental Health