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Grief & Loss

When a loved one dies (English version) elementary 

When a loved one dies (Spanish version) 

How to talk to children about difficult news - American Psychological Association 

Children's lives are touched by trauma on a regular basis, no matter how much parents or teachers try to keep the "bad things" away. Instead of shielding children from the dangers, violence or tragedies around us, adults should talk to kids about what is happening.

Despues que Muere un Ser Querido Como Enfrentan el Duelo los Ninos Y como los padres y otros adulto

After a loved one dies— How children grieve and how parents and other adults can support them

Supporting our students after the death of a family member or friend (for school personnel)

Supporting your child after the death of a family member or friend (for parents or caregivers)


Martha Hollingsworth LPC


Student Support Services
Drug and Crisis Counselor/Mental Health Specialist


School Email


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 
1-800-273-TALK or text "TALK" to 741741

MS Suicide Hotline

Region 8 Crisis Line

Department of Mental Health Helpline

Partnership for Drug Free Kids
1-855-378-4373 (1-855-DRUGFREE)

Students Against Violence