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ACT Information

This link it to Kaplan's free ACT Prep webinar.

This link it to an online stopwatch.  You should use it for every time you take a test. 

This link is to testive's website.  Some of the content is free and some of it is not.

This link will show you a conversion table between SAT and ACT scores.  

This link will take you to Prepscholar's webiste and their guide to the ACT.

This link will take you to the Number2.com question of the day page. 

This link will allow you search how much college costs and what you need to take to earn degrees.

This link will show how kids who made a 36 on the ACT found their way to success!   

This link is to a Higher Ed article defending why test optional is NOT a good idea.

This link is to a Washington Examiner article again pointing out that test optional actually hurts groups.

This link is to the ACT's announcement on the delay of section retesting.

This link is to TestGeek's ACT Prep page with plenty of free resources.

This link allows you to compare Mississippi's scores with the national average and other states.

This link is to Get2College's general informative boot camp.

This link is to an article that discusses the learning loss gap due to Covid-19.

This link is to an article discussing the 30 year low ACT scores hit in 2021.

This link provides interactive data on ACT scores and is customizable.