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ACT Resources

This link will take you to the brand new ACT Academy!  Load scores and get adaptive skills or you can just take the quiz and get interactive questions based on the results.

This link will take you to a video on three easy steps to using ACT Academy.

This link will take you to the ACT's youtube channel.

This link will take you to the new ACT/SAT concordance table.

This link will take you to the ACT's webinar on the concordance table.

This link will take you to a very important blog on the new ACT/SAT Concordance table and what might be best for you.

This link takes you to the 6 hour Kaplan Crash Course for the ACT youtube video..  You can forward into each of the six sections.

This link is from the ACT's website and features a problem of the day, one full length practice test (72 C), and a sample test from each section from the ACT.

This link provides a general overview of the test from Evan Wessler.

This link follows up Evan Wessler's previous webinar with more dynamic tips. 

This link is another excellent blog from Evan Wessler on how to think through math problems on the ACT.

This link is to a blog from Evan Wessler on how to control the English test and deal with some of the wordiness.

This link is on a blog from Bryan Ziegler and is a highlight of some of the work that RCSD has done with ACT prep.

This link will allow teachers to print quizzes from inside Method Test prep.

This link provides an awesome blog with some unique strategies on how to earn points without actually knowing the answers.

This link is to an online website to which the county subscribes.  It is a self pacing program and can be used for an individual and/or a class.   You may have to change browsers!!

This link is to a website that is super awesome and is paid for by the district for each student.  

This link is to an army resource on the ACT and it is AWESOME.  It provides free 7 full ACT and SAT test in real time. 

This link is to a video that will explain March2Success.  

This link is to a second video on March2Success.  Watch them both so you can fully use this site.

This link is to's website where it has 5 ACT practice tests under the resources page.

This link is to prepfactory's ACT page.

This link is to Kaplan's daily quiz website.

This link is to Grockit's 5 quick ACT tips.

This link is to's website offering free ACT practice.

This link is to Union Test Prep's free content.

This link is the get2college ACT workshop link.  It is a free ACT workshop; however, registration is limited so sign up early!

This link is to an ACT cram plan if you have only a few days to get ready.

This link is for a great webinar on how to get Merit Based Scholarships based on ACT scores and GPA.

This link is from the ACT on its accommodations.  It is includes a video for help as well.

This link is a blog on ACT and its various accommodations.

This link is to ACT's thoughts on retaking the ACT and what to do if you feel there is an error in your score.

This link is to ACT Test Release and Information page where you can order a copy of your test and answers from April, June, and December.

This link is to Reward Survey.  This is a great resource for free classroom magazines.

This link is to Mercury Magazines.  This is a great resource for classroom magazines as well. 

This link will take you to value magazines.  Some magazines are free and some require a subscription.  I only get the free ones! 

This link is to Kaplan's webinar on a gap year and the benefits of taking a gap year.

This link is to Ivy Panda's website which has great free resources.  It has a bunch of free practice tests, tips, etc.