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ACT Direct Links-including Accommodations

This link will take you to the brand new ACT Academy!  Load scores and get adaptive skills or you can just take the quiz and get interactive questions based on the results.

This link will take you to a video on three easy steps to using ACT Academy.

This link will take you to the ACT's youtube channel.

This link is from the ACT's website and features a problem of the day, one full length practice test (74 F), and a sample test from each section from the ACT.

This link is from the ACT on its accommodations.  It is includes a video for help as well.

This link is a blog on ACT and its various accommodations.

This link is to ACT's thoughts on retaking the ACT and what to do if you feel there is an error in your score.

This link is to ACT Test Release and Information page where you can order a copy of your test and answers from April, June, and December.

This link will take you to the new ACT/SAT concordance table.

This link will take you to the ACT's discussion on at-home testing that will debut in the fall of 2020. (Covid -19 has caused this idea to be suspended indefinitely.)

This link is to a blog on "Ensuring Students with Disabilities and English Learners Receive Necessary Supports for Success".