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ACT - Math

Here is a link to a great study guide for the ACT Math.

Here is a link to Sophia's site with some ACT math help.

Here is a link to Kaplan's Live webinar on the ACT.

Here is a link to the High School Test Prep's webiste on math. – Online practice tests are provided. They are broken down by level of difficulty.

Here is a link to Prep Scholar's website on math – There are multiple subtopics of math included with tutorials and explanations. A few practice questions are provided. Students must score themselves.

Here is a link to Varsity Tutor's website on math – Multiple practices and detailed practice quizzes are included. Students can find specific content areas to practice. (The practice tests are listed at the top of the page. Scroll down to get to all of the content quizzes.

Here is a link to Sophia's site on math – This site includes some practice material, but also strategies and suggestions for each subset.

Here is a link to Math Plus Fun's website on math – Contains online practice questions that are graded immediately. Study guides are provided on the left side which break down the topics into specific content areas.

Here is a link to Test Prep Review's math page -- Specific practice is provided for mathematical topics.

Here is a link has 21 quick tips on quickly increasing your ACT score.  It is about 45 minutes long.

Here is a link from on how to solve math problems when you don't know what to do. 

Here is a link from Test Geek on how to use the answers to help solve questions.

Here is a link to Evan Wessler's blog on the different ways the ACT/SAT ask the same question! 

Here is a link to 31 needed ACT math formulas.  Know them and see your score rise.

Here is a link to Magoosh's website on ACT math formulas.

Here is a link to Get2College's math boot camp.

Here is a link to 52 frequent ACT math problems and skills needed to work them.

Here is a link to which will customize ACT quizzes for you.