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ACT Practice Tests


This link has a problem of the day, one full length practice test (74 F), and a sample test from each section and is from the actual ACT site.  It has TWO full real tests on itl One is in the sample section.

This link will take you to a website is completely free and will allow a teacher to enroll his/her class while monitoring a student’s progress.  There are 7 full SAT and ACT tests on this website.  I have an email detailing how you as a teacher can set up student accounts to monitor.  It is very similar to

This link takes you to learning express hub's website which has free practice.  A student simply needs a county library card.

This link will take you to the test guide's website for free ACT practice tests.

This link will take you to McGraw Hill's website has some practice tests along with helpful videos.

This link takes you to highschooltestprep's website which has free practice.  

This link takes you to Peterson's website which has free practice.  

This link takes you to studyguidezone's website which has free practice.