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ACT - Reading

This link will take you to the Kaplan video on reading!

This link is a great website to select books at your Lexile level.

Here is a site with some ACT reading help.

Here is a site with some detailed strategies into reading.

Here is a link to Varsity Tutor's page on reading– There are several complete diagnostic tests listed first. However, there are multiple specific quizzes provided.

This is the link to High School Test Prep's page on reading– Four reading practice tests are included. They are scored online.

This link will take to Cengage Learning's website on reading– Twenty reading practices quizzes of 18 questions each is provided.

This link will lead you to Test prep Review's page on reading– Several reading comprehension sections. Answers and explanations are included at the bottom of the page. Students score themselves.

This link will allow you to find online reading resources covering the four different types of passages on the ACT.