ACT - Science

Here is the site from the ACT with actual practice directly from the ACT.

Here a link to a site with some helpful hints on the ACT science section.  However, IGNORE the statements about 5 ?, 6 ? , and 7 ? passages.  That is OLD information.

Here is a site with some quick help on science.

Here is a link to Kaplan's ACT Science video.

This site offers some deeper insight into the fabric of the science section.

Here is a link to the High School Test Prep site. – Online practice tests are provided.

Here is a link to Varsity Tutor's website – Multiple diagnostic tests are available. Specific strategies are targeted in the detailed list of practices given.

This is a link to Test-Guide's website – This is a free, online practice set.

This is a link to a quizlet on some common ACT terms.