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Method Test Prep Resources

This link takes you to the Method Test Prep page.  However, log in through your Clever app.  This link should be used for free resources ONLY.

This link provides a general overview of the test from Evan Wessler.

This link follows up Evan Wessler's previous webinar with more dynamic tips. 

This link is another excellent blog from Evan Wessler on how to think through math problems on the ACT.

This link is to a blog from Evan Wessler on how to control the English test and deal with some of the wordiness.

This link is on a blog from Bryan Ziegler and is a highlight of some of the work that RCSD has done with ACT prep (2018).

This link is on a blog about how to maintain focus during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This link will allow teachers to print quizzes from inside Method Test prep.

This link is to a website that is super awesome and is paid for by the district for each student.  

This link will take you to a very important blog on the new ACT/SAT Concordance table and what might be best for you.

This link is to a blog on the accomplishments RCSD has had using Method Test Prep (2020).

This link is to a 90 minute crash course, ACT boot camp.