PSAT / SAT Resources

This site is where you can get registration information.

This site provides an App for daily PSAT/SAT practice.

Here is the College Board's page on PSAT and PSAT practice tests.

This link will take you to the new ACT/SAT concordance table.

This link will take you to a very important blog on the new ACT/SAT Concordance table and what might be best for you. 

This link will take you to the SAT's webinar on the concordance table.

This site explains the scoring of the PSAT.

Here are four full length authentic SAT tests.

Here are some more Khan Academy SAT Tests.

This is Khan Academy's PSAT practice tests. These should be printed out and taken paper and pencil.

This site provides REAL SAT questions/practice tests. 

This link is where you link your past PSAT/SAT scores to Khan Academy.  

This site is not highly recommended on the English side.  It is a compilation of every question of the day from College Board before the redesign.  However, math questions are very relevant. 

This site has free daily work on the SAT.

Click here to get questions and answer explanations.

Here is the PSAT Quizlet. 

Here is a link to some PSAT reading questions.


Here is a link to some PSAT writing and language questions.


Wondering if the PSAT scores went down?  Well... 

Here is a link to the live Khan Academy lesson on PSAT reading.

Here is a link to a great webinar on the PSAT from Method Test Prep. 

Here is a link about the changes the PSAT underwent.  This is important to look at the new skills that are required for mastery.

The district pays for you to have a Method Test prep account for the SAT in addition to your ACT account.  Here is their PSAT page.

Here is a link that explains the new changes to the PSAT score report.

Here is a link to the 2019 "Understanding Your PSAT Scores" video by Method Test Prep.