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Online Resources

Parent Resources for MAP 


Shark Tank's Daymond John Video About his Dyslexia 

Daymond John and his mother share how Dayon's dyslexia served as a strength and not a deterrent to his success. This is a great video for parents and their older children to watch. Parents may want to let their children watch an episode of Shark Tank before viewing the video. 


Classroom Accommodations for Dysgraphia 

This website has simple accommodations that can be used in the classroom for students who have dysgraphia.


How Cursive Can Help Students with Dyslexia Connect the Dots 

This site explains some of the reasons why cursive writing is included in dyslexia therapy.


20 Common Dyslexia Symptoms 

This site list 20 of the most common dyslexia symptoms to help parents or educators identify if a child is at risk.


International Dyslexia Association (IDA) 

This site provides information and lists publications about dyslexia for parents and educators.


Just Books Read Aloud 

This site has many favorite children's books that are read aloud by a narrator. You can search for books according to authors, categories, or reading levels. Reading levels begin at kindergarten up to fifth grade. It would benefit the child to have a copy of the book while following along with the narrator. 


Neuhaus Education Center- for Parents and Educators 

The Neuhaus Education Center is located in Houston, Texas. This site has a wealth of information for both educators and parents. It has a FAQs page about dyslexia, list resources, offers seminars, and has free printable reading activities. I use their Basic Language Skills program for my dyslexia therapy along with their developing oral language and metacognitive skills resources.


Video Explaining Dyslexia to Children 

This is a great visual story created by Rose Kuntz, the author of the book, "Mommy, why is it so hard for me to read?" It explains dyslexia in a way that children can understand, and list the many famous people that have dyslexia.