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Energy Management

ENERGY STAR Certification Nation

Certification Nation 2002 30th Anniversary of Energy Star Premier Member EPA's Energy Star Program

2022 marks the 30th Anniversary of the ENERGY STAR program! To celebrate, we earned ENERGY STAR certification for 18 of our buildings this year—meaning they are among the most energy efficient buildings in the nation.

Brandon Middle School
Northwest Rankin Elementary School
Flowood Elementary School
Steen's Creek Elementary School
Florence Elementary School
Florence High School
Mclaurin Elementary School
McLaurin High School
Rouse Elementary School
StoneBridge Elementary School
Richland Elementary School
Richland Upper Elementary School
Pelahatchie High School
Pelahatchie Elementary School
Puckett High School
Puckett Elementary School
Brandon Elementary School
Florence Middle School



Energy Right Program Presentation

Presentation of a big check.

Central Electric Power Association (CEPA) and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) are always looking for ways to partner with our members to bring them low-cost power. The Electrification Program is one example of how CEPA and TVA is able to partner with the Rankin County School District. This program encouraged beneficial electrification that supports the use of more all-electric appliances and equipment and provides users with clean and efficient products. Widespread beneficial electrification reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fosters a more robust and resilient electrical grid. There were five projects in the district that participated in the program: Oakdale Elementary, Northshore Elementary, Highland Bluff Elementary, Pisgah High, and Northwest Rankin High. For a combined total of $343,176.00 for all five projects. The Rankin County School District will receive a check for $281,385.00 for the completion of Northwest Rankin High School. From Central Electric Power Association Mr. Mike Stubbs, Rankin County District Manager and Aaron Akers, Director of Economic & Community Development present the check to the Rankin County School District and representing the district is the Energy Management Coordinator, Rusty Ponder.




RCSD's Energy Star Campaign

A campaign by the Rankin County School District to reduce energy consumption in its buildings has earned 25 of its 28 schools the prestigious “Energy Star” designation for superior energy performance. RCSD was the first in the state back in 2010, to have three schools receive this prestigious designation.

An ENERGY STAR facility must meet strict performance standards set by the EPA and they use less energy, they are less expensive to operate, and they cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its peers. To qualify for the ENERGY STAR, a building must score in the top 25 percent based on EPA's National Energy Performance Rating System and be certified by a Professional Engineer. Brett Rasmussen, Utilities Engineer with Nissan, acted as a mentor for the schools and has helped with the certification process.

Rusty Ponder, serves as the Energy Management Coordinator for the Rankin County School District, has worked with these schools, and is very proud of the accomplishments they have made. This past year, 2018, the Rankin County School District achieved a cost avoidance of $509,345 with a total of over 4.1 million since the Energy Management Program started in 2006.

Every school in Rankin County School District has earned the award at least once in the past 9 years with most earning it for multiple years in a row.

RCSD Energy Star School Recipients with their Plaques

2018 Energy Star Awards Recipients 

2 Year Recipients

Brandon Middle School
Brandon High School

4 Year Recipients

Highland Bluff Elementary School
Northwest Rankin Middle School

6 Year Recipients

Rouse Elementary School
StoneBridge Elementary School
Northshore Elementary School
Northwest Rankin Elementary School
Northwest Rankin High School
Steens Creek Elementary School
Florence Elementary School
Florence High School
McLaurin Elementary School
McLaurin High School
Richland Elementary School
Richland Upper Elementary School
Puckett Elementary School
Puckett High School
Pisgah Elementary School
Pisgah High School

8 Year Recipients

Brandon Elementary School
Pelahatchie Elementary School
Pelahatchie High School

9 Year Recipients

Flowood Elementary School
Florence Middle School