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RCSD Energy Management Commitment

Due to continuous increases in operating costs, more and more educational dollars are having to be spent out of the school system's budget for the operation of our buildings. This increasing expenditure of funds, if continued, will decrease the availability of instructional resources for students enrolled in the Rankin County School District.

Schools across America are finding they can reduce the cost of operating their buildings through effective total energy management programs. Energy management is necessary in order to maintain an acceptable environment for future generations. The educational community has a special responsibility to provide direction and leadership for good energy management and continued protection of our environment. Our state and federal government has established energy and pollution goals to reduce operating costs in public buildings. These goals are being accomplished through total energy management programs. In order to be good stewards of tax dollars and our environment, our schools should immediately implement an energy conservation effort with a goal ofreducing energy consumption by 15% annually.

Our commitment and support are behind the efforts of each administrator, employee, and student in making energy conservation a system wide success. With your excellent response to this effort, we shall achieve our goal.

The Rankin County School District's Energy Management Coordinator is to report the current energy consumption for each school on a quarterly basis.

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