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Title III, Part A (English Learners)

The purpose of Title III as outlined by ESEA of 1965 and as amended by ESSA of 2015 is to provide supplemental services that improve the English language proficiency and academic achievement of English Learners (ELs). 

The Rankin County School District's English Learners (EL) Program provides services that enable limited English proficient (LEP) students to become competent in comprehension, speaking, listening, reading, and writing the English language. The goal is for each student to reach his/her full academic potential; this includes academic achievement in the classroom and State assessments.

Title III funds are used to support EL students in the following RCSD schools: 

  • Richland Elementary School
  • Richland Upper Elementary School
  • Richland High School
  • Flowood Elementary School
  • Northwest Rankin Elementary School
  • Northshore Elementary School
  • Oakdale Elementary School
  • Highland Bluff Elementary School
  • Northwest Middle School
  • Northwest High School
  • Rouse Elementary School
  • Stonebridge Elementary School
  • Brandon Elementary School
  • Brandon Middle School
  • Brandon High School
  • The Learning Center
  • McLaurin Elementary School
  • McLaurin High School 
  • Steen's Creek Elementary School
  • Florence Elementary School
  • Florence Middle School
  • Florence High School
  • Pelahatchie Elementary School
  • Pelahatchie High School

MDE Information about Title III, Part A