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Behavior Management Policies

Frontiers' goal is to establish and maintain a behavior management system which will reinforce positive behaviors.  The following methods will be used: 

  • Staff will act as positive role models.
  • Rules will be appropriate for each child's age and stage of development. Rationale for rules will be explained and related to the child's well-being and to the rights and safety of others. Both the group as a whole, and the needs of the child as an individual, will be taken into consideration.
  • Consequences will be logical, such as redirecting children to other activities, limiting choices, or time-out.

Each child will be evaluated on an on-going basis as to the program's ability to meet his/her needs.  If a child is experiencing difficulty in Frontiers...

  • The problem will be discussed with the child. Should behavior continue ...
  • The parent(s) will be notified of the problem either through informal discussion at pick-up, a memo, or a written Disciplinary Action Report.  Should behavior continue...
  • A second Disciplinary Action Report may constitute a parent conference and may result in suspension; a third Report may result in dismissal from the program.  

A child may be immediately suspended or dismissed at the discretion of the Director at any time based on the severity of an incident or if the incident poses a threat to the safety and security of the site. Due to safety concerns, running away from staff or wandering away from designated areas is considered a major offense. Students who run away from staff or wander away from designated areas may be dismissed on the first offense. Safety is our priority! 


Frontiers reserves the right to dismiss any child from the program if: (a) it is determined that placement is unsatisfactory; (b) parents are repeatedly late with pick up, tuition payments, or other fees; and/or, (c) parents fail to comply with Frontiers regulations as stipulated in the Parent Contract and Parent Handbook.  Dismissed students will not be allowed to return to Frontiers and are not eligible for future enrollment. Frontiers reserves the right to dismiss any child that fails to adjust adequately.



Each month every Instructor will choose a student whose actions exemplify good citizenship to be recognized with a Citizenship Award. These students will be announced and presented with a Citizenship Certificate. They will also have snack with the Site Coordinator!