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Frontiers identifies as a department within the Rankin County School District. Therefore, all practices and preventative measures we put in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19 will align with Rankin County School District’s mandates and recommendations as determined by district leadership. Practices and preventative measures may include, but are not limited to: enforcing district social distancing requirements, as feasible; prohibiting parents and visitors from entering the building; ensuring masks are worn properly, by all staff and students, at the designated times; minimizing shared items; providing each child with his or her own supplies stored in individually labeled supply pouches; sanitizing shared surfaces and items as often as possible; implementing contactless forms of payment (i.e.: free automatic bank draft services and credit/debit card payments); practicing good hand hygiene; and screening staff and students for symptoms of COVID- 19 as specified by CDC.

By attending Frontiers, parents must acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume all risks if their child is exposed to or infected with this virus, releasing Frontiers, Rankin County School District, and its employees from any and all claims/liability.

• If a child is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, a parent or other emergency contact will be notified to pick up immediately.

• If it is determined that a child has been exposed to or infected with COVID-19, the parent must notify the Site Coordinator immediately for contact tracing purposes and comply with quarantine mandates as set by Rankin County School District.

• The child cannot return to Frontiers until he or she can return to school.

• Tuition is not prorated for absences, likewise, tuition is not prorated for absences related to COVID. If quarantining results in missing the tuition deadline date, payment is due, in full, within three days of the child(ren) returning to Frontiers to avoid late fees and suspension due to non-payment.

"How does Frontiers handle positive cases or identify close contacts?"

  • For contact tracing purposes, school staff informs the Frontiers Site Coordinator of a positive case when/if the positive case is identified during school hours and the student attends Frontiers. We also encourage parents to let the Site Coordinator know if their child is positive for optimal communication.
  • If Frontiers learns of a positive after school hours (during Frontiers time), it is reported to the school principal who enforces quarantine requirements and identifies close contacts within the child's classroom.  
  • In Frontiers, close contacts are identified by assigned seating and who the positive student may play/interact with most often. (Assigned seats are three feet apart. This distance is maintained as best as possible during table time to reduce the possibility of a student becoming a close contact.)
    • Close contacts are reported to the school principal to be included in the school's count/reporting and school staff enforces the quarantine.
    • Parents are notified immediately, by either school staff or the Frontiers Site Coordinator, if it is determined that their child is a close contact.

As a department within RCSD, suspicions of an outbreak within Frontiers will be reported to the district nurse and our supervising superintendent for further directives. Parents will be notified immediately if closure is required.