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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's eligible?

  • Frontiers is open to elementary students, enrolled in the Rankin County School District, who have not yet turned 12 as of September 1. 
  • There is an annual minimum registration requirement of 35 students to offer a Frontiers site at a school. If a Frontiers site does not "make" for your child's school, they cannot attend Frontiers at other sites.


How do I register my child for Frontiers?

  • To register, you must contact the site to verify availability. If a spot is available, the registration fee, tuition, and completed Parent Contract, per child, is required to be considered enrolled. Students must register annually - registration does NOT "rollover."  Click here for phone numbers.

Note: During the summer months, enrollment is done at the Frontiers Administrative Office according to site availability.


When and where do I pay my child's tuition?

  • Tuition is due the first school day of the month and is payable at site when you pick your child(ren) up. Tuition is payable by automatic bank draft (drafted on the 1st or the 5th as selected by the parent), 
  • Families with children at different schools must pay tuition at each individual school. There is no price break for multiple children in a family.
  • There is a $40 late fee, per site, for tuition not paid on time. Child(ren) will be suspended until the account is clear and school officials will be notified of suspensions to assure alternate transportation is arranged for the duration of the suspension.

NOTE: Tuition may be paid by free bank draft (drafted on the 1st or 5th of each month) or by debit or credit card at site  (fees apply). 


Is Frontiers open on school holidays?

  • No, Frontiers is only open on the days school is in session. Tuition is calculated so the rate remains the same regardless of holidays and student attendance.
  • Frontiers is also closed on the early dismissal/"half" days in December and May.
  • All spots are full-time students regardless of holidays, sick days, vacations, or how much/how little the child attends. We do not offer part-time student enrollment or "drop-ins."


What if my child is absent from Frontiers?

  • Frontiers students listed on the school's absentee report will be considered absent from Frontiers as well. If your child attends school but does not attend Frontiers that afternoon for any reason (such as riding the bus home, dental appointments, etc.), please contact the Site Coordinator as well as the regular school officials. 

NOTE: Frontiers does not always receive notes sent to teachers or phone calls made to the school office. Repeated failure to follow this policy may result in dismissal from Frontiers. Our first concern is the safety and whereabouts of your child. Appropriate phone numbers for Frontiers sites are listed here.


What if my child is absent from Frontiers due to COVID?

By attending Frontiers, parents must acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume all risks if their child is exposed to or infected with this virus, releasing Frontiers, Rankin County School District, and its employees from any and all claims/liability.

• If a child is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, a parent or other emergency contact will be notified to pick up immediately.

• If it is determined that a child has been exposed to or infected with COVID-19, the parent must notify the Site Coordinator immediately for contact tracing purposes and comply with quarantine mandates as set by Rankin County School District.

• The child cannot return to Frontiers until he or she can return to school.

NOTE: Tuition is not prorated for general absences, likewise, tuition is not prorated for absences related to COVID. If quarantining results in missing the tuition deadline date, payment is due, in full, within three days of the child(ren) returning to Frontiers to avoid late fees and suspension due to non-payment.


What if my child needs medication during Frontiers?

  • Frontiers can only administer medications with a current, completed, and signed Medication Authorization Form on file. Prescription and over-the-counter medications MUST be in original container with written dosage information. We will only accept one week's worth of prescription medication at a time and cannot accept any medication that must be refrigerated.

NOTE: If a child's contract indicates the need for an EpiPen, that child will NOT be allowed to attend until Frontiers has an EpiPen in its possession. We do not have access to EpiPens or medication stored in classrooms or the school office during Frontiers time. 


Can my child bring items from home to play with during Frontiers time?

  • No. Frontiers schedules include arts and crafts, games, and other planned activities to occupy the students' time. Please do not allow students to bring cell phones, iPads, Apple watches, trading cards, and/or similar items to Frontiers. Students will be required to keep these in their book bags or the Site Coordinator will hold them until pick-up. Frontiers is not responsible for loss or damage to items such as these.


What if my child gets hungry? Can I send an extra snack?

  • Yes. Students may bring/eat an extra snack from home, finish a sack lunch, etc., but may only do so during the scheduled mealtime. Food items cannot be shared and must not contain nuts. 

NOTE: In accordance with USDA nutrition standards and meal pattern guidelines for after school programs, Frontiers can only provide one snack per child, per day. The designated meal time for snacks is generally upon your child's arrival to Frontiers (2:00 p.m.) for most schools.