Health & Medical Policies


If a child becomes ill while at Frontiers, the child will be allowed to rest away from the group.The parent or emergency back-up person will be contacted and must pick up the child immediately. A child may not attend Frontiers with any of the following symptoms: fever, diarrhea, undiagnosed rash, inflamed or watery eyes, vomiting, severe cold, or sore throat.  If school officials have contacted a parent during the school day that a child is ill and should be picked up, Frontiers is under no obligation to accept the child into the program on this day.  If a child develops a fever during Frontiers time, the child must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school/Frontiers.  

This policy is to reduce exposure of all students to contagious illnesses and will be strictly enforced.  Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the program.


Frontiers can only administer medications with a current completed and signed Medication Release Form on file with the site. Prescription and over-the-counter medications must be in original container with written dosage information from medical personnel. Frontiers cannot accept or administer any medication that requires refrigeration.

If your child's Parent Contract indicates the need for an EpiPen for any reason, Frontiers MUST have an EpiPen on site before the child will be allowed to attend. Per RCSD Board Policy, the only medication any child is allowed to have in his/her possession is an asthma inhaler. Please make sure that your child's name is on the inhaler.


If a child has a minor injury that does not require first aid, a staff person will inform the parents at pick-up. If the injury requires first aid, the parent may receive an Accident Report at pick up. 

If an accident occurs that may require attention by a licensed medical professional, the parent will be contacted so that the child may be picked up and taken for medical treatment.

If a serious accident requires immediate medical attention, the staff will call 911, and then immediately contact the parent. Licensed medical personnel will decide on the appropriate action once they arrive on site. Parents will be notified if transport is required.