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Frontiers will provide the time and setting that is conducive for students to do their homework. Staff members will provide assistance in the form of clarification of instruction and supervision. It's our goal to encourage the children to stay on task and work productively so that, hopefully, at the end of the homework session their work will be complete.

Frontiers staff are not allowed to go through children's bookbags to check for homework assignments/planners; students are responsible for bringing assignment pads and all necessary materials for successful homework completion. Students are responsible for having their planner and checking for homework assignments. Please help your child to be responsible in this area. Staff, nor students, are allowed to return to classroom for forgotten materials; this is a school policy. Please check the homework column of the Sign In/Out sheet daily as you sign your child out from Frontiers. This column indicates whether they have homework or not. Again, we cannot check backpacks or planners so help hold your child accountable in the accuracy of this area. 

Parents should understand that Frontiers is not a tutoring program; sites are staffed to work with students in a group setting and, therefore, we cannot devote one-on-one assistance to each child. Because of the school setting, we find that most children do well and have little problem with homework completion. Time limits for homework sessions will be set according to age/grade level appropriateness.

Frontiers is not responsible for checking homework or guaranteeing that homework is correct. Parents are encouraged to check homework each night for accuracy and completeness.