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March 2020 COVID Closure Refunds


Due to the unforeseen closure in March 2020, tuition for March 2020 was prorated by charging $10 per child, per school day, making March tuition $50 per child, regardless of the child’s attendance on these days. The remainder of tuition paid for the month of March is (a) being applied as a credit towards 2020-2021 for families who register; or (b) being processed as a refund for all families who do not register for the 2020-2021 school year.  


Our office will be working diligently to verify who will receive refunds based on receipt information and registration records for the current school year. Considering the lengthy process this will be, refunds will be processed in batches. Once properly verified, refunds will be distributed in the form of paper checks cut and processed by Rankin County School District's Accounting Department. Although our office staff will make an effort to contact parents to verify mailing information, refund checks will be mailed to the address listed on the 2019-2020 Parent Contract if we cannot make contact with a parent or find a contact number is no longer working.  

The anticipated timeline for processing is below:

Brandon Zone - January 2021 

McLaurin/Florence/Richland - February 2o21

Flowood/NWRE/Highland Bluff - March 2o21

Northshore/Oakdale/Pisgah - April 2021