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Enrichment Curriculum

Frontiers has developed its own enrichment curriculum in which each site will have a different "theme" -- such as Dr. Seuss, Dinosaurs, Sea Life, etc. -- each week. Students will participate in a variety of activities --arts and crafts projects, science experiments, games, brainstorming - centered on the site's weekly theme that incorporates Discovering, Thinking, and Creating. Fun Fridays complete the unit. Past Fun Friday activities have included: centers, Minute-To-Win-It games, guest speakers, and edible crafts! 

EXPLORER PROJECTS: As an extension on our Enrichment, 4th - 6th grade students participate in Explorer Projects. These are open-ended, student-driven projects where the students determine the scope, details, and final product on a given topic or a topic of their own choosing. Some of our recent successes included creating a theme park, learning how to get a driver's license, designing robots, creating a game show and a new radio station.

HOLIDAY FUN: Holidays provide opportunities for special fun with parties, service projects, and making decorations for the Frontiers sites. Past holiday activities include decorating staff cars for Trunk or Treat fun, creating a Tree of Thanks at Thanksgiving, Valentine's parties, Mardi Gras parades, and Easter Egg Hunts galore.

OPEN HOUSE:  A favorite part of Frontiers for both staff and students is the annual event called "Open House." This event is completely centered around an Enrichment theme the site chooses. Open House provides an in-depth look at our Enrichment Curriculum and stages a unique opportunity for students to showcase their talents. Site will not have Open Houses until further notice due to COVID concerns.