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Only registered students can attend Frontiers. A $25 Registration fee and a completed Parent Contract are required annually for a child to be considered registered.  Registration does not "roll over."  Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Ways to register:  

  • Pre-Registration (each May)

Pre-Registration is held each May, for the following year, at the Frontiers site of the school your child attends or will attend. Spots are first filled by currently enrolled students who have paid May's tuition and have no balances on their account. Then, new kindergartners and all other vacant spots are opened on a first-come, first-served basis through the last day of school or until a site is full. Site enrollment maximums are set according to site cafeteria capacity.

  • Summer Registration

Any spots not filled by the last day of school may be filled during the summer by registering at our Administrative Office (135 S. College Street in Brandon). Feel free to call to see if spots are available for the site and grade your child(ren) will attend and to verify our office hours before you come as summer hours vary. SUMMER REGISTRATION WILL END ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL to ensure files and paperwork are prepared to distribute/transfer to sites. Once summer registration has closed, you will have to contact the site for information on spot availability. 

  • General Registration

Once school begins, you may register at the Frontiers site of the school your child attends any time during the school year if a spot is available between 3 and 6 p.m. NOTE: The $25 registration fee, monthly tuition, and a completed parent contract is due at the time of registration if registering after pre-registration and summer registration has closed. Cash is NOT accepted at sites. 


Waiting Lists

Once a site, or grade at a site, is deemed "full," waiting lists will start. As spots open, parents will be contacted in the order of the waiting list. Waiting lists start over each year.      


Special Needs Policy

Frontiers welcomes the application of children with special needs. Each child must meet the chronological age requirements and must not have needs that cannot be reasonably accommodated in the program as the after-school setting and routine vastly differs from the classroom setting and routine. Each child will be considered on an individual, case by-case basis.