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Tax Statements

All financial records are kept on site and maintained by the Site Coordinator. Each Site Coordinator will have tax statements ready for distribution each January. Tax statements are only distributed by request. We find that issuing these documents before the parent is ready to file his/her taxes increases the chance of misplacing the document. (Tax I.D. Number: 64-6001028)

  • CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS:  Parents may request and receive tax documents as you pick-up your child beginning in January.

  • STUDENTS NO LONGER ATTENDING: Beginning in January, parents who students who are no longer attending Frontiers may  A) pick up tax statement from the site your child attended (between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.) or B) call our office to request the tax statement via mail or email. NOTE:  "Option B" may take 5-7 days to process since our office will have to obtain statements from the site your child attended then send them to you.  

  • LOST STATEMENTS:  Lost statements may take 5-7 days to replace as original payment information will have to be obtained from the site your child attended and  a separate storage facility then sent to you.

The quickest way to receive tax statements, whether currently enrolled or no longer attending, is to pick them up at site. Again, tax statements are available as of January 1 but are only distributed by request. We encourage parents to wait until they are ready to file to request documents to prevent losing them.