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Tuition & Fees

Frontiers is a tuition-based program serving students in Rankin County School District. Tuition covers all expenses and is calculated by the number of days on the school calendar, then divided by months, so that the amount remains the same regardless of school holidays, five-week months, or the number of days your child attends, including absences due to COVID.    

Tuition is always due on the first school day of each month. To extend a grace period, the absolute deadline to pay tuition is the 5th of each month. If the 5th falls on a holiday or weekend, the deadline is then the next school day. 

Please do NOT send payments to school with your child; Frontiers/Rankin County School District is not responsible for the loss of tuition not received and receipted by Frontiers' staff.



REGISTRATION: $25 per child (due annually; non-refundable, non-transferable)

TUITION: $147 per child, per month

RCSD EMPLOYEE Tuition Rate: $127 per child, per month


  • HYBRID Learning: If it is determined that a school, zone, or the district as a whole will transition to the HYBRID Learning Scenario, the standard tuition rate AND an additional fee of $30 per child, per week, will apply for the duration of Hybrid Learning - regardless of attendance on Hybrid days.
  • DISTANCE Learning: If it is determined  that a school, zone, or the district as a whole will transition to the DISTANCE Learning Scenario, FRONTIERS WILL NOT OPEN UNTIL STUDENTS RETURN TO CAMPUS. 
    • Upon returning from Distance Learning:
      • Tuition will be prorated to $10 per child, per school day remaining in the month (Day 1 being the first day we return to campus) PLUS an additional fee of $3 for each Early Release Wednesday remaining in the month.
        • If the prorated amount exceeds the standard monthly tuition rate ($147 per child/ $127 per RCSD employee child), the standard monthly tuition rate will apply when students return
      • Tuition will be due within THREE business days or the $40 late fee will apply. 
      • Because there is no way to predetermine the amount due when transitioning from the Distance Learning Scenario, TUITION WILL NOT BE DRAFTED. All parents, including those on bank draft, must pay at site by card, check, or money order in this instance. Cash is only acceptable at the Frontiers Administrative Office. Card payments may also be taken by phone at (601) 825-9714.

  • LATE TUITION PAYMENTS: Tuition is due by the deadline date whether your child is in attendance on this day or not. A $40 late tuition fee is automatically incurred at 6:01 p.m. on the site clock on each deadline date (see Tuition Calendar). Students will be suspended from Frontiers  until the amount is paid in full. School personnel will also be notified of suspensions to make sure you have a "transportation change"  for your child(ren) prior to dismissal. REPEATED LATE PAYMENTS OF ANY FRONTIERS FEES WILL BE CAUSE FOR DISMISSAL. 
  • LATE PICK- UP FEES: A late charge of $1 per minute, per family, per site, will be assessed (at the Site Coordinator's discretion) beginning at 6:01 p.m. according to the site clock.  Late pick up fees are due the same day and must be paid no later than 6:00 p.m. the following day or the child(ren) will be suspended until the amount is paid in full. School personnel will also be notified of suspensions to make sure you have a "transportation change"  for your child(ren) prior to dismissal. REPEATED LATE PICK-UPS WILL BE CAUSE FOR DISMISSAL. 


  • ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT: Cash, personal check, money order, bank draft, and debit/credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment. 
    • Cash payments will only be payable at our main office. The exact amount is required. Any additional cash will be credited towards the next month's tuition.
    •  Frontiers will not accept business, post-dated, or out-of-state checks.

To minimize person-to-person contact, we strongly encourage parents to use one of the following contactless payment methods: 

A) FREE BANK DRAFT: (Preferred)

  • Tuition may be drafted from any checking or savings account and will be drafted on the first school day of each month. 

  • A voided check and a completed authorization form are required annually for draft enrollment.

  • Drafts always start in September. Another payment option must be used to pay August tuition.

  • Hybrid fees will not be drafted. These fees must be paid either via personal check or debit/credit at the site, or via cash at the main Frontiers office.

  •  A one-week notice is required if you wish to cancel draft services.

  •  If you would like receipts for bank draft services, please contact our office.


  • If a draft (or check) is declined for any reason, a $40 fee plus the amount of the initial payment will be due by 6:00 p.m. the business day after the account holder is notified of the decline. We will not “re-run” checks or bank drafts

    • Any returned item not paid by the deadline will result in suspension. School personnel will also be notified of suspensions to make sure you have arranged an alternate pick-up or transportation change for your child(ren).

    • If a declined payment is deemed a bank error, the account holder has 3 business days to submit a letter from the bank, on bank letterhead, to continue form of payment and waive fees.

    • Unpaid returned items will be turned over to the Rankin County District Attorney's Office for collection following the required 15-day notice.

  •  After TWO drafts (or checks) have been declined due to insufficient funds (over drafting), the account holder cannot use the declined payment method for the duration of the school year


  • Card payments can be made at site or via phone by contacting our main office.

  • Card payments will automatically decline if funds are not readily available on the card.

  •  Processing fees are not considered tuition and will not be included on tax statements.

  • Receipts for debit/credit card transactions will be emailed to the cardholder in real time.

  • Card payments will show up on billing statements as “MW *RANKIN COUNTY SD 601-825-8626 MS 39042 US.*  Parents will be charged all fees for any cancelled card payments or card payments reported as fraudulent.