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Registration Information

Frontiers is open to students enrolled in the Rankin County School District from K4 (where applicable) through the 6th grade (or whose chronological age is 12 years as of September 1 of this school year).

Registration is taken at each Frontiers site during site hours as long a spots are available. For availability,  Visit a Frontiers Site for specific site contact information. 

A $25 registration fee (annual; non-refundable and non-transferable; payable via exact cash amount, check payable to Frontiers, or money order) is due along with a completed Parent Contract, for your child to be considered registered with/enrolled in Frontiers. You may complete the Parent Contract at the site at the time of registration. These are NOT available online.

(Frontiers registration begins each May for the following school year. Some schools fill very quickly! During summer break, all registration/enrollment is done at the Frontiers Administrative Office (135 S. College Street in Brandon) Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Summer registration is taken for each site  according to availability. Waiting lists begin once a site is full. These lists start over each year. You must register for Frontiers annually. Enrollment does not "rollover" to the next school year.)  Click here for a list of current Frontiers sites.

2018-19 Fees - No Increase in 8 Years (subject to change):

Registration Fee

$25 per child per year

 (Annual, non-refundable, non-transferable)

Tuition $135/month per child
RCSD Employee Tuition $115/month per child

Money Matters You Need to Know

  • Every hour students are in our care has been calculated and divided so that you pay the same amount monthly regardless of the number of days your child attends or school holidays. All spots are considered full-time as we do not offer part-time student enrollment or "drop-ins." 
  • Tuition is due in full on the first school day of each month as students are picked up from Frontiers. Families with children at different schools must pay tuition at each individual Frontiers site your children attend. It is the parent's responsibility to pay tuition by the deadline dates, as noted here and in the Parent Handbook, regardless of the child's attendance.
  • A $40 late tuition fee is charged for any month that tuition is not paid by the deadline and the child(ren) will be suspended until the payment is made in full, including the late fee. The school office will be notified of suspensions and it is the parent's responsibility to make alternate afternoon transportation arrangements. Families with children at different schools must pay the $40 late fee at each site where the tuition deadline is not met. Do NOT send payments to the school office or in your child's backpack. Frontiers nor Rankin County School District is responsible for the loss of tuition not received and receipted by Frontiers staff.
  • Tuition is payable by bank draft,  exact amount of cash (over payment will be credited to your account for the next month's tuition), money order, or personal checks --no out-of -state or post-dated checks. Due to the fees associated with debit and credit cards, Frontiers will not be able to offer this service at this time. Bank drafts always begin with September tuition. August tuition must be paid by exact cash, personal check, or money order. Payment stipulations noted above apply.
  • If paying by check, be sure to put your child's name on the memo line. Checks are payable to "Frontiers."  There will be a $40 fee charged for checks and bank drafts that are returned for any reason. The dishonored form of payment will no longer be acceptable thereafter. Learn more about Tuition & Fees here

Security Procedures

Our first and primary concern is the safety of your child. To help us with this, we ask that you respect the following rules at all Frontiers sites: 

  • Let your child's teacher know that your child will be attending Frontiers.
  • Only enter your Frontiers site by the doors designated by the Site Coordinator. DOORS MUST REMAIN LOCKED. PLEASE BE COURTEOUS AND PATIENT.
  • Sign your child out each day, using a full signature and the time of pick-up and stay at the sign-in table area. DO NOT go to the playgrounds or into the areas where the students are.  Staff will call your child(ren) to come to you for dismissal.
  • No one is allowed to return to the classrooms for any reason; all rooms are locked as a district-wide security requirement.
  • Always make contact with a staff person when picking up your child each day.
  • If your child attends school but WILL NOT attend Frontiers, contact your Site Coordinator before dismissal time (i.e. car rider, bus rider, early dismissal).  Frontiers does NOT receive notes sent to your child's teacher or the school office. Site contact information is here.
  • Bring your photo identification in each day until our staff has time to become familiar with all of our parents. Let anyone who may pick up know they will have to present photo identification. Authorized pick-up procedures will be strictly followed--NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Again, please be patient as we do our best to protect your children!

Other Important Reminders

  • Copies of legal documentation MUST be on file at the Frontiers site to prove legal guardianship and enforce court-ordered custody restrictions.  These legal documents must be provided each new school year.
  • See your Site Coordinator to discuss any medical issues.  Proper authorization must be on file to administer any medications.  IF your child has a medical problem severe enough to require an EPIPEN, you MUST provide the Frontiers site (not just the school) with an Epipen before your child will be allowed to attend. Frontiers does not have access to Epipens stored in the school office.
  • Please make changes to your child's Parent Contract during the year as needed--additions or changes in medications, changes in jobs, cell phone numbers, address, pick-up persons, and so forth.