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The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 (COBRA) is a federal law that allows for continuation of coverage under an employer's group health plan to covered persons (called "qualified beneficiaries") follo a qualifying event.

A qualified beneficiary is an individual who, on the day before the qualifying event, is covered under the Plan either as an employee, enrollee's dependent spouse or enrollee's dependent child. A qualified beneficiary is also a child born to the employee, or who is placed for adoption with the employee during a period of COBRA continuation coverage.

A qualifying event is an occurrence which, but for the continuation coverage available under the Plan, would result in the loss of coverage for a qualified beneficiary.

Under COBRA, qualifying events include the loss of coverage that otherwise would result due to:

  1. Termination of Employment for reasons other than gross misconduct.
  2. Reduction in hours of employment.
  3. Death of the enrollee.
  4. Divorce or legal separation.
  5. Entitlement to Medicare.
  6. Loss of dependent eligibility.

Refer to the 2021 Plan document at knowyourbenefits.dfa.ms.gov/publications/ for more information about COBRA Benefits.