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Critical Illness

Colonial Life offers a stand-alone critical illness policy. This plan offers guaranteed issue for up to $30,000, meaning no health questionswill be asked. The linked Colonial Life Critical Illness flyer and the summary chart below provide information about this newly offered benefit, but be sure to ask a Colonial representative for more details.

Summary of Colonial Life's Critical Illness policy

What is available to me?

What does this benefit cover?

What is my cost to participate in this plan?

Colonial Life

Critical Illness

Benefits available from $5,000 to $100,000

Guarantee Issue amount is $30,000 (This means NO HEALTH QUESTIONS!)

$50 Health Screening Benefit Annually

Spouse benefit-up to 50% of EE benefit

Child benefit – up to 25% of EE benefit

Benefit is Portable

Rates –

See Colonial Life Representative

American Fidelity offers a critical illness policy as an add on/rider, which is only accessible by enrolling in American Fidelity's cancer policy. See page 4 of the American Fidelity cancer policy brochure American Fidelity Cancer plan with Critical Illness rider/add on for information on this option. Contact Sally Davis at 601-665-7855.

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