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Dental Insurance

Colonial Life is the dental insurance provider for RCSD employees. Employees have a choice of Plan 1, Low Option and Plan 4, High Option. There are no waiting periods for either Plan. 

Colonial Life dental and vision providers are found here: http://coloniallifedental.com/ 

The contact for Colonial Life is Nancy Hollingsworth and she can be reached at 601-862-7818.

If your current dentist or eye doctor are not in the Colonial network and you would like to refer them to participate in-network, click here: http://www.alwayscarebenefits.com/Refer.asp

Keep in mind if you do not elect Colonial's dental coverage as an employee of RCSD, you are not eligible for Colonial's vision plan. If you want a vision, but not a dental plan, you will need to enroll with Superior Vision. 

Colonial Life's Dental low option flyer

Colonial Life's Dental high option flyer

Colonial Dental/Vision Plan Snapshot 

What is available to me?

What does this benefit cover?

What is my cost to participate in this plan?

Colonial Life

Dental & Vision




*Waiting periods are waived for major services for employees with prior coverage that enroll during initial enrollment.  Waiting periods waived for major services for new hires that previously had dental coverage with prior employer in the past 63 days.

Plan 1(Low Plan)

Preventative: 100%

Basic: 60%

Major: 40%

Annual Deductible $50 per person/year 3 max

Annual Max: 1,000

Portable: yes, same rate


Plan 1 Rates:

Employee Only: $28.38

Employee + Spouse: $52.99

Employee + Children: $68.52

Family: $100.58


Plan 4 (High Plan)

Preventative: 100%

Basic: 80%

Major: 50%

Ortho: Yes, dependent children to age 19

Annual Deductible $50 per person/year 3 max

Plan 4 Rates:

Employee Only: $33.14

Employee + Spouse: $62.59

Employee + Children: $86.27

Family: $125.56

VISION as a rider 

*Benefits shown are in -network – for out of network see full brochure

Exam Copay: $10

Materials: $25

Lenses: Covered by co-pay for single, bifocal, trifocal. Lenticular and progressive $80/$70 allowance

Frames: $120 allowance

Contacts Elective $120 allowance

Medically necessary $210 allowance

*Contacts are in lieu of frames / lenses

Vision Rider:

Employee Only: $6.25

Employee + Spouse: $12.35

Employee Children: $13.00

Family: $20.35


Dental Provider Directory

First page of the PDF file: Dental_Provider_List