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Hospital Gap Insurance

Hospital expenses costs on average $2,447 per person per day. When faced with a hospital expense, how would you manage to pay your share, including the deductible and copay? American Fidelity's Hospital Gap Plan Insurance is a supplemental, limited benefit medical expense policy that is designed to help pay the deductible and coinsurance when you or a family member are confined in the hospital. 

Inpatient benefits: inpatient hospital stays, inpatient surgery, physician expenses from inpatient stay, and lab expenses from inpatient stay

Outpatient benefits: treatment in a hospital emergency room, outpatient surgery, treatment in a hospital, free standing outpatient surgery center, and outpatient diagnostic testing

This plan also has a physician office visit benefit. Coverage is available for employee, spouse, and/or children. 

Click here for more information. An American Fidelity representative will be visiting your school/campus later this fall and will be able to answer any questions you may have about the Hospital Gap policy.