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Naturally Slim

As a participant of Mississippi’s State and School Employees’ Health Insurance Plan you can learn how to lose weight and improve your health while eating your favorite food by participating in the Naturally Slim program — all at NO COST to you.

What is Naturally Slim?

Naturally Slim is an online program in which you learn the skills you need to eat the food you love, lose weight, and reduce your risk of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Here’s what you need to know

  • Naturally Slim is a program that teaches you the skills you need to achieve lasting weight loss and health improvement while eating your favorite foods. There’s no counting points or calories, eating boring meals, or spending money on specialty diet food. In the program, you’ll also learn how to sleep better and stay on track during special occasions like parties, holidays, and vacations.
  • We’re offering Naturally Slim to Plan participants 18 years of age and older, provided Mississippi’s State and School Employees’ Health Insurance Plan is your primary insurance coverage. This includes employees, covered spouses and covered adult dependents. When applying for the program, covered spouses and adult covered dependents will need to fill out a separate application.
  • The program is video-based and all online. That means you can complete it using any internet-connected device, like your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Here’s how to apply

Space is limited! Visit www.naturallyslim.com/mississippi to fill out the short application. Applications are open from September 21 – October 2. So, apply today! The Naturally Slim program starts October 19, 2020.

Read what other Naturally Slim participants have to say

“NS allowed me to learn to be proud of the body that I’m in. My body is capable, and with the right support and commitment, it will do things I didn’t imagine were possible. Now over 70 pounds down, my body is proving that point over and over.”

- Alisha, NS participant

Lost 70 lbs.


Contact support@naturallyslim.com

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