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Whole / Term Life Insurance


As a State of Mississippi School Employee, you have the option of a group term life, accidental death and dismemberment policy through Unum Life. Benefits are based on two times your annual wage, with a minimum of $30,000 and a maximum of $100,000. Retirees may continue at a benefit level between $5,000. and $20,000. Note: RCSD pays half of the monthly premium for you on this policy!

When hired, you either waived or enrolled in this State of Mississippi School Employee benefit. If you waived it upon being hired, you may still enroll. However, if you enroll after 31 days of being hired, you must answer a few medical questions to be approved for coverage. If you do not remember if you enrolled or waived this benefit when you were hired, view your digital check stub by logging into the Employee Portal (, menu, employees, employee portal) to see if there is a Unum Life deduction. Email if you need portal login assistance. Because this State Employees life policy is not part of the benefits reviewed by you with a representative during open enrollment, you will need to contact Carol Beeland at or 601-825-5590 to enroll.

Read more about this benefit by clicking here:


American Fidelity offers both Whole Life and Term Life plans with only three mandatory questions asked for qualification. Talk to an American Fidelity representative for information. Snapshots of these policies are provided below. 

American Fidelity Term Life

This policy has the following add on/rider options: waiver of premium, accidental death and dismemberment, spouse term, children's term, and accelerated benefit rider for long term illness. 


American Fidelity Whole Life 

This policy has the following add on/rider options: waiver of premium, accidental death and dismemberment, children's term, accelerated benefit for long term illness, and accelerated benefit for critical illness. 



Colonial Life offers a Term Life policy to age 100, of up to $100,000 in coverage through LeadersLife. This is a new benefit being offered to RCSD employees. Guaranteed issue is only available during this initial enrollment. 

The premium on Colonial's policy stays the same to age 100. Talk to the Colonial representative or click here for more information: Leaders Life 

What is available to me?

What does this benefit cover?

What is my cost to participate in this plan?
Leaders Life
Term Life to age 100
Employee – Can apply for 10K-150K; Guaranteed Issuance (if enough enroll) up to $100,000. (only 2 health questions)
Spouse – Can apply for $10,000. – $150,000.; with contingent guaranteed issuance up to $50,000.
*Children can be insured as a rider or employee can take separate policy
*Additional coverage available for employee and spouse if age 8-60 when applying
Rates –See Colonial Life Re
All coverage is portable at the same rate of issuance
Coverage is to age 100!

Mississippi State and School Employees Group Life Insurance

First page of the PDF file: MSStateandSchoolEmployeesLIfeInsPlan

American Fidelity Whole Life Insurance

First page of the PDF file: Whole_sb-30354

American Fidelity Term Life Insurance

First page of the PDF file: Term_sb-30353