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Retirees & Retirement Information

If you are considering retirement, there are a number of steps to follow: 

  • Contact PERS (601.359.3589) 90 days prior to your retirement to make sure your dates match what PERS has on file. (If you have ever worked for another school district or state agency, be sure you ask PERS about any unused leave).
  • Complete a resignation letter and give it to your Principal, Director or Supervisor for his/her signature.
  • Send the original signed resignation letter to RCSD Human Resource Department.
  • Complete PERS Form 9A (you can access this form at the PERS website).
  • Schedule an appointment with RCSD Benefits Coordinator, Carol Beeland 601-825-5590.

Rankin County School District provides equal employment opportunities without regard to age, gender, race, religion, disability or national origin.