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Anti-Bullying Poster Winners

Anti-Bullying Poster Winners
Anti-Bullying Poster Winners

For the fourth year in a row, the RCSD has sponsored a Bullying Awareness Contest. Students from Pre-k to twelfth grade are eligible to participate in the contest.  There were four categories with a first, second, and third place winner in each category! Each winner will receive a check from the Foundation for the Rankin County Public Schools. All winners will be featured in the March Hometown Rankin Magazine.  When your name is called please come to the front to be recognized. 

In the Pre-K to 2nd Grade category: 

3rd Place – Levi Keyes (K5) - Rouse Elementary School
2nd Place – Quinn Cain (1st grade) - Flowood Elementary School 
1st Place – Bentley Fallin (K5) - Richland Elementary School 

In the 3rd to 5th Grade Category: 

3rd Place – Chase Parker (4th) – Pelahatchie Elementary School 
2nd Place – Sarah Lippiat (3rd) - Highland Bluff Elementary
1st Place – Lila Pardo (4th) - Brandon Elementary School

In the 6th to 8th Grade Category: 

3rd Place – Hallie McCurdy & Anna Clark (6th) – Pisgah Elementary School
2nd Place – Raney Tullos (8th) – Northwest Rankin Middle 
1st Place – Heather Gant (8th) – Northwest Rankin Middle

Category 3: 6th – 8th Poetry

3rd Place – “The Innocent Bystander” by Payton Boyd (8th ) – Pisgah High School 
2nd Place –“Bully” by Hanna Claire Smith (8th) – Pisgah High School 
1st Place – “Palindrome Poem” by Malea Kuhn (6th ) – NWR Elementary

In the 9th to 12th Grade Category: 

3rd Place – Sydney Graham (10th) – McLaurin Attendance Center
2nd Place – Ja’Lea Green (9th) – McLaurin Attendance Center
1st Place – Jamie Ferreras (12th) – Northwest Rankin High School 

In the 9th to 12th Grade Poetry: 

3rd Place – “Be the Change!” by Haley Snell (9th) – Brandon High School
2nd Place – “Why?” by Kourtney Porter (11th) – Florence High School 
1st Place – “Behind a Screen” by Dylan Williams (10th) – Florence High School