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Florence Ornaments Displayed on the Mississippi Tree in The White House

Florence Ornaments Displayed on theMississippi Tree in The White House

Florence High School had the distinct honor of being selected to create the ornaments that would be displayed on the Mississippi Tree in the White House. The students submitted colored sketches of their ideas to the Mississippi Department of Education to Limeul Eubanks.  Among many entries, Florence High School was the chosen group to create the ornaments for the Mississippi Tree. The students responsible for this honor are Ella Brunson, Margaret Colson, Brooklyn Fant, Gabbye Goff, Tailor Grantham, Trinity Hasson, Jessie Millette, Ahnnah Newell, Brooke Ray, Chloeanne Thaxton, Ava Grace Walker, and Caley Warren. They are led by art teacher, Ms. Carla Nations.