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Visual Identity Standards



The official university signature consists of two elements: the wordmark, which is the words Rankin County School District TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE set in a typeface called Alegreya Sans Regular, along with the District Tree logo. The signature serves to identify the district in all forms of communication and preserves the integrity of its reputation for academic quality, innovation and leadership in education.

The official district  signature should be used with all communications produced by the district. The following guidelines apply:

  1. The signature should be applied to the front outside cover of printed materials in most instances.
  2. When the signature is not applied to the front outside cover, it should be applied to introductory pages and/or the outside back cover of printed materials.
  3. The signature never should be used as a headline.
  4. The signature and wordmark always should be reproduced from official district artwork.
RCSD Vertical
RCSD Square
RCSD Wordmark

This diagram indicates the staging specifications for the signature. The signature must be surrounded on all sides by the specified clear space to separate it distinctly from any other graphic elements. This clear space and separation from other elements provide graphic impact and preserve the integrity of the signature. Clear space is equal to the height of the letters of the words "TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE" from the signature. The clear space varies with the size of the signature. Leave at least 1/8 inch of protected white space around the signature.

RCSD Logo illustrating x space


Do not reproduce the official district signatures or secondary signatures less than 2 inches in width for the vertical version and 3 inches in width for horizontal signature in printed material or as specified below for the web. At widths less than this, the clarity and integrity of the signature is compromised.

It is expected that the full vertical or horizontal signatures be used. However, where space limitations occur, the Rankin County School District  wordmark can be applied. It can be displayed no smaller than 1.5 inches wide.

Rankin County School District
Rankin County School District
Rankin County School District
Rankin County School District

When resizing the signature, it is critical that it be resized proportionately. Use the shift key when drag sizing (applies to both Windows and Macintosh platforms), or use equal percentages when using a scaling tool.


Examples below show the blue and white version of the District's  signatures, in horizontal, vertical, and square options.

RCSD Wordmark
RCSD Vertical
Rankin County School District
RCSD Wordmark on Navy
RCSD Square on Navy


Never alter or redraw the signature elements.  Do not place the signature elements inside any other shape or combine them with any other symbol or graphic. The wordmark has been customized for the district; therefore, campus units should always reproduce the signature or symbol from authorized digital files or authorized reproduction-quality originals.


A) The signature can appear in three color, black,  or white. 


RCSD Navy C95, M78, Y40, K32 R28, G87, B87 #1C3959
RCSD Blue C90, M52, Y42, K19 R23, G95, B113 #175F71
RCSD Green C87, M22, Y99, K8 R9, G137, B68 #098944

B) The white version of the signature can also be used on dark backgrounds such as black or any of the above three colors, this option allows for contrast and readability. Single-color publications often make use of this technique.

C) When possible, the three color or black square signatures should also have the banner displayed in white, when printing in full color is an option. If the background color provides sufficient contrast and are printing in more than one color, keep the banner white.

D) A single-color signature can also appear on a light colored background or paper.

E) Other color combinations that provide sufficient contrast may be allowable in certain situations. Contact the Public Relations if you are considering other color combinations. In general, choose backgrounds that contrast with the signature to give it impact. Garish colors inhibit readability, as do busy or heavily textured backgrounds. Consult the approved District color palette.


RCSD Rust C14, M81, Y97, K3 R207, G82, B43 #CF522B
RCSD Brown C34, M81, Y100, K46 R109, G48, B19 #6D2F13
RCSD Plum C51, M34, Y38, K19 R122, G63, B98 #7A3F62
RCSD Perano C35, M30, Y0, K0 R161, G170, B239 #A5A9D5

F. School Mascots

The official school mascot logos appear below and are zone specific. All school in a zone should use their school mascot logo or shield logo on materials that represent their school. Development of new identity marks for schools should be coordinated through the office of Public Relations. 

G. School Colors

The official school colors for each school zone are listed below. 


Brandon Red C0, M96, Y90, K2 R232, G44, B46 #E82C2E
Brandon Black C60, M40, Y40, K100 R0, G0, B0 #000000
Florence Red C0, M99, Y97, K0 R236, G33, B39 #EC2127
Florence Black C60, M40, Y40, K100 R0, G0, B0 #000000
McLaurin Green C87, M30, Y100, K18 R27, G117, B59 #1B753B
McLaurin Gold C0, M26, Y99, K0 R254, G192, B20 #FEC014
Northwest Rankin Gold C18, M25, Y53, K0 R210, G184, B135 #D2B887
Northwest Rankin Black C60, M40, Y40, K100 R0, G0, B0 #000000
Pelahatchie Red C17, M100, Y100, K7 R194, G24, B35 #C01823
Pelahatchie Black C60, M40, Y40, K100 R0, G0, B0 #000000
Pisgah Gray C21, M17, Y17, K0 R202, G200, B199 #CAC8C7
Pisgah Green C46, M40, Y62, K18 R95, G115 B97 #5F7361
Puckett Gray C21, M17, Y17, K0 R202, G200, B199 #CAC8C7
Puckett Maroon C38, M94, Y63, K45 R106, G27, B50 #6A1B32
Richland Blue C98, M85, Y36, K27 R30, G53, B94 #1E355E
Richland Red C0, M99, Y97, K0 R236, G33, B39 #Ec2127

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