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Help Desk

The Technology Support team is available to assist you!
Submit a Samanage work request (for teachers and staff), call 601.825.8324, or email:

Some issues can b e resolved over the phone while some questions may need a little more time to get resolved.

Thank you in advance for your patience!


Important Links

Remote Assistance:


Web Browsers:


The Browser

The Browser on your computer is the application used to access the internet. The ones we support at RCSD are Safari (Macs), Firefox & Google Chrome (both for Mac and Windows). We recommend Firefox and Chrome for many of the applications (PowerSchool, Canvas, etc.) we use. Some of those applications are optimized for use in specific browsers.


The Cache is made up of files (images, data and other documents/files) downloaded by the browser. A cache enables faster loading and viewing of webpages in later sessions. The browser is able to load content more quickly from pages you have visited without needing to download all of the infomation every time. 

However, websites and applications do update their content but this cache is not, causing errors when loading, or the inability to access something you have accessed before without issue. For this reason, it is a good idea to clear your browser cache first when experiencing a website or application that is not acting as expected.


Cookies are small files downloaded each time you visit a website. These cookies store information from a prior session, such as site/user preferences that are accessed each time you visit the site again. Cookies can be used by 3rd parties to track browsing history, so we advise removing cookies regularly (every couple of weeks or so). When asked whether the site can download cookies, be very sure you trust the developer of the site and the information on the site. You can configure your browsers to refuse accepting cookies or to remove cookies each time you close out on the window or the browser.

How to Clear Cookies and Cache



Google Chrome



District Applications:

  • Achieve 3000 : Use this link to request movement of students or to report roster issues.
  • MathXL Browser Check: Click Here

Need Technical Support? We're here for you!
601.825.TECH (8324)