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Canvas Resources/Guides

Crosslisting your Courses

Import Content from Old Courses

Canvas Grade Passback (Video)

Canvas Grade Passback (PDF)

(This Section will be updated as the year progresses)

Book Additional Training

Use the link below to see available booking times. This should be used for schools or teachers who would like individualized training that is in addition to our "whole school" professional development sessions. This would include small group sessions and individual trainings/meetings.

How-To Videos and Step-by-Step Guides

Use this Google Form if you would like a how-to video or a step-by-step guide on a technology task. I will create the material for you and make it available to all.


Are grades syncing from Canvas to PowerTeacher?

See the tutorial under Canvas Resources/Guides.

How do I connect my, school purchased, iPad to the G2B network?

Your principal must complete a request form for network access and submit that to ITD. If approved, you will be added to the G2B network.