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The RCSD Transportation Department is committed to the safe and orderly transport of all students to and from school, as well as during all extracurricular activities.  This commitment is realized through the employment of quality drivers, technicians and staff who are dedicated to ensuring that every student is as safe and as comfortable as possible while traveling in district school buses.  

Transportation Facts

  • Rankin County School District schools have a total of 327 school busses.
  • RCSD has a total of 432 certified bus drivers.
  • RCSD busses traveled 1.9 million miles during the 2018-19 school year.

Regular Bus Routes by Zone

School Zone Number of Buses
Brandon 54
Florence 29
McLaurin 21
Northwest 41
Pelahatchie 11
Pisgah 11
Puckett 10
Richland 18
Learning Center 11
Special Needs 22

Transportation Supervisors by Zone

School Zone Supervisor Office Number Email
Brandon Zone Marc Herrington School: 601-825-2261 marc.herrington@rcsd.ms
Florence Zone Shey Patterson School: 601-845-2205 shey.patterson@rcsd.ms
McLaurin Zone Jeffrey White School: 601-845-2247 jeffrey.white@rcsd.ms
Northwest Zone Nicky Mooney School: 601-992-2242  jon507@rcsd.ms
Pelahatchie Zone Dustin Merchant  School: 601-854-8135  dus200@rcsd.ms
Pisgah Zone Alex Russell School: 601-829-1138  ale500@rcsd.ms
Puckett Zone Misty Lemoine School: 601-825-5742  misty.lemoine@rcsd.ms
Richland Zone Matthew Quick School: 601-939-5144  matthew.quick@rcsd.ms
Learning Center Charles Stevenson School: 601-824-0334 cha513@rcsd.ms
Special Needs David Williams School: 601-825-5590  dav500@rcsd.ms